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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 06.45.39The financial world has been facing quite a number of upheavals in present times. This is primarily due to various changes in socio-economic conditions all over the world and internal governments of various countries. This turmoil all over the world has put world economic affairs under great stress.

Under such state of affairs, getting a loan has become increasingly difficult. Getting approval for a loan and making payback at expected rates of interest has become very difficult given the instability in present situation. Under such state of affairs, it has become very difficult to make sure that a specific loan be given to a person, especially those having a bad credit score.

In case you are still concerned on getting your loan sanctioned, it is time to check out Slagoon Loans. With us you can be sure that you will not be left behind in terms of getting good opportunities and hence, even with your poor credit history you can get loans that are suitable as per your demands.

Our domain of work:

With the boom in loan demands, there are a number of financial institutions that have come across to make their facilities available to customers. Amongst this whole range, it depends on people who are searching for loans at minimal interest rates to make sure that they can get best opportunities.

We, at Slagoon Loans, make it a point to present before our customers the whole range of products that are available with us. We being a Guarantor Loan Specialists, make it a point to state various factors that are required by our customers for differentiating and placing forth their requirements.

Financial issues associated with this loan:

In regards to Guarantor Loans, a person needs to be sure that person who would act as a guarantor is personally known to the debtor. Not just that, this concerned person should have a certain amount of credibility in financial market, against whom this loan will be sanctioned.

There are two categories of loans in this domain.

In case of short term loans, financial range is from £100 to £750. With a payback time period of 6 to 24 months, the Representative APR also varies within 304% to 842%.

There is another type of Guarantor Loan that is available, known as long term loans. In this aspect, range of loan availability is from £500 to £12000, with a Representative APR of 44.9% and payback time period of up to 7 years.

Thus, with ranges as these and that too with a minimal credit option, you can surely choose that loan which is most suitable for your demands. We at Slagoon Loans is always at your service.

Why choose us:

As per recent economic survey reports, we have always made it a point to top their list of credibility by our loan coverage options.

Here we provide you another list to clear all your doubts to the core.

  • Our rates of interest against payback of loans are quite less in comparison to actual market demands. Whereas, other options provide a Representative APR that well ranges to 70% to 80%, we keep it restricted at 50% for long term loans.
  • Our terms and conditions are specifically suited for people with bad credit facility. Thus, serving them is our priority.

An alternative to Guarantor Loans for motor owners are logbook loans which allow you to borrow money backed by your car security.

So, clearly with Slagoon Loans, you are bound to get rates that are strictly customised as per your choice!