How we work

How do our Guarantor Loans work

Are you stuck in regards to loan related issues? Well, it’s time to check out those loans that are available in the market and choose that which is best suited for you!

Slagoon Loans present you with an opportunity to make sure that you get best loans at minimal rates and with a maximum time period. This makes it possible for people with bad credit score to take up loans that are suitable for their needs.

So, with us at Slagoon Loans, you can surely get a perfect friend in times of financial need.

Explaining Guarantor Loan:

We are a financial company that is known for our services in financial domain.  Our speciality being in Guarantor Loans, we make sure that we provide loans especially to people with a poor credit score. In case of this type of loan, payback options are various and it is comparatively easier on debtors to make up that amount.

In case of a Guarantor Loan, a person who is taking up a loan needs to put a guarantor or a person against that amount which is withdrawn. Instead of collateral as security against a loan, in this case that person specifically is responsible for this loan and makes sure that loan amount is paid back on time.

Financial aspects of this loan:

Unlike other loans, this loan is specifically useful for that period where a person is going through a certain financial crisis and then needs a loan to pay off that amount, and take care of other expenses.

With us at Slagoon Loans, you are bound to get certain choices that make sure that all your issues associated with loans can be sorted within a specific time period.

  • With a short term guarantor loans, a person can borrow an amount of £100 to £750, with a payback time period of 6 months to 24 months. In this case, Representative APR ranges within 300% to 850%.
  • On a comparative note, long term guarantor loans, a person can borrow an amount of £500 to £12000 within a period of 7 years. The Representative APR is rated at 49.9%.

Hence, with our rates, you can get best opportunities and make sure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Steps to be followed for this loan:

There are certain basic steps that are there to be fulfilled for making sure that loan that is to be applied for is done in best possible manner.

  • The person searching for this loan needs to visit our account and get that required form for Guarantor Loan application.
  • Required details are to be filled and specific documents stating requirements are to be submitted.
  • After this process is complete, this detailed document is to be submitted for further checking.

After complete application is given, it is our responsibility to check credibility of concerned guarantor and sanction this loan.

Benefits of this loan:

Specifically suitable for people with poor credit score, this has a number of benefits associated with it.

  • Courtesy to your guarantor’s credit source, your credit score gets a boost.
  • We allow complete flexibility in terms of payback options for debts.

Thus, with us at Slagoon Loans you can get a higher confidence level in this financial arena!